The cover of Mbira Rimi’s book.

Pause for a minute and take another look at the values introduced by Europeans: their views on religion, culture, politics and all. In the end, after analysing this, there will be a new and confident Africa — according to Mbira Rimi.

He believes that the new edition of his book, New Confident Africa, will change conversations. Below is Mbira’s synopsis of the book.

“This book is a series of essays dealing with contemporary issues from an African position. The introduction delves into Western thought patterns and how they have been influenced by science and technology.

More critically the author explores the effect of Darwin’s theory of evolution, which he dismisses as a white supremacist racial theory poorly dressed as science but which he claims is the cause of westerns’ spiritual numbness and moral decay.

This highly-provocative book then defines morality as what is always in your best self interests. From that moral pedestal, the author skillfully interrogates divisive contemporary issues including a feminized value system which, through a slavish activist judiciary is driving alien neo-liberal policies on abortion-on-demand, decriminalization of marijuana, a dogmatic individual human rights movement that brooks no alternative view.

He discusses how normalized single motherhood and falling populations paradoxically cause high female poverty levels while presenting economic and security challenges to society and the nation state.

He offers the African position with regard to male homosexuality and we learn it is not the sanitized image we get from sleek media but a dark world of trauma, shame and drugs.

The book examines polygamy from a demographic, cultural , religious, health and family perspectives.

It offers refreshingly original insights especially in relation to the reproductive health of older men and younger unmarried women.

The author dismisses missionary Christianity as principally a western cultural vehicle of mind control and economic exploitation.

He extols Africa to break away from the decadent, secularized western church in terms of theology and expound her own vibrant, Afro centric Biblical Christianity that is in harmony with Africa’s cultural morality and spiritual heritage.

He explores the reasons and offers workable solutions to Africa’s endemic low level famine, environmental degradation, poor health outcomes, economic stagnation, a poor research culture and the ravages of HIV and AIDS.

The author skillfully weaves a compelling narrative of how a new confident and moral Africa will rise again, but only if Africans reject the crumbling immoral western economic model which is based on an obsolete exploitative relationship and adopt a new moral driven economic awakening driven by China.

This book is audacious, provocative and refreshing. The writer walks where modern effeminate male fears to tread. It forces the reader to pause and question old assumptions. It is a must read for anybody wishing to understand Africa’s desired position vis a vis a new emerging world economic order whose axis is Beijing – Delhi.

It is highly recommended for African scholars and students, policy makers, theologians, politicians and the man and woman or the street.”